Field Parser Builder – Load Email From Existing Email Parser Job

Users can now easily load previous emails easily into field parser builder. This improves the ability for users to test field parser in Builder mode and minimizes any post build errors. To use this feature, the email should be sent to Salesforce, so that Email Parser application can receive email and create an email parser job. 

Steps to load email into Field Parser builder

  1. Test send email to Email Parser intake email address (created within email services). This will allow CTK Email parser to ingest and store email within Salesforce. 
  1. Open Field parser where user wants to load Email from an existing Email Parser Job. 
  1. In the Field Parser, locate and click on the Build button. 
  1. Inside the Build configuration interface, within right hand panel, navigate to the Load Email from Job section. 
  1. Within Load Email from Job section, select of find email parser job (created by the email intended to be loaded). 
  1. Click on the Load Test Data button. This will prompt the Field Parser to use the selected job for data loading. 

Note: Switch to different source values to pull desired incoming email property. For example, to load entire email HTML select Source (within Source settings sections in left hand panel) as HTML Body.