Attach to Record for Query based on Field Parser Fields

In this user wants to attach incoming email on a provided record of an object. From an incoming email user gets the parser field value, user is checking whether the parser field value exists on a provided record of an object or not. If record exists, then email will attach with that record.

Email Parser Actions section.

  • Click on New button to create a new Email Parser Action.
  • Enter the name as Query based on field parser fields and select Attach To Record in the Type section.
  • Afterwards, select Account in the Object Type field and set Filter Criteria value. Filter criteria value can be static or dynamic
    • Example (Dynamic Value) AccountNumber = ‘[AccountNumber]’
      • In the above context of [AccountNumber] represents a dynamic filter criteria. CTK Email parser automatically replaces it by value extracted from field parser named AccountNumber (You can use name of any field parser you have created)
    • Example (Static value) AccountNumber=’CC634267′ 
    • Note: The usage of square brackets shows that the filter criteria are Dynamic in nature. Whereas in the case of static, only single quotes are used.
  • Then finally click on ‘Save’ button.
Scenario 2