About CTK Email Parser 

Easily Process Incoming Emails Automatically

  • Take the hassle out of data processing and experience the power of automation. CTK Email Parser is an automated email parsing software designed to help Salesforce users streamline their email processing and maximize efficiency.

  • Leverage the advanced parsing capabilities of this amazing email parser tool to extract valuable data from incoming emails, resulting in reduced staffing costs and processing time. Experience the ease and efficiency of our intuitive point-and-click approach.

  • Built natively on Salesforce, this email parser app seamlessly integrates with your existing system, providing a fully native experience. Admins will find it easy to use, getting unparalleled user-friendliness. Even during peak seasons, you can efficiently manage increased workloads without hitting Salesforce limits.

  • Discover the extensive capabilities of CTK Email Parser, empowering your business to automate email processing effortlessly. Integrate real-time data feeds into your business applications, enabling efficient and up-to-date information flow. 

Why Should you Use CTK Email Parser? - Key Features


Automated Email Parsing

CTK Email Parser automatically scans and extracts data from incoming emails, reducing the need for manual data entry while streamlining your workflow.  


Data Accuracy

With our Salesforce email parser App, you can be sure that all data is extracted accurately, eliminating the need for time-consuming manual checks while reducing the risk of errors.  


Salesforce Integrated

Combined with Salesforce automation capabilities, this makes it easy to manage your customer data and keep your records up to date.  


Reliable and Secure

A secure and configurable tool for email parsing that saves on operational costs while improving productivity, accuracy, and process efficiency.  


Customizable Rules

CTK Email Parser allows you to set up custom rules to extract specific data fields from emails, providing you full control over the email automation process and how your data is processed.  


Multiple Data Formats

This email parsing software can parse data from a variety of sources, including email bodies, attachments, HTML bodies, and metadata, providing you with a complete view of your incoming data.  



With the Salesforce email parser app running in the background, you and your employees can focus on other tasks while your emails are automatically parsed and processed.  



With its guided setup, admins can quickly adopt the tool while avoiding any issues. In addition to its powerful features, Salesforce Email Parser is also backed by fast and reliable product support (email and web).


Cost Saving

Experience the full automation of the CTK Email Parser app, an innovative solution for email parsing. Unlock significant operational cost savings while supercharging productivity.  

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How CTK Email Parser Works  With Salesforce

CTK Email Parser app continuously monitors your inbox and processes any new incoming emails and the existing ones as well. It helps you streamline your email processing in just a few simple steps:  


Connect CTK Email Parser to your email account and Salesforce account.

Define rules to extract specific data from your emails.  

Sit back and let the Salesforce email parser app do the rest.  

Quick Software Overview

A simple, and powerful email parsing software, which reads your official emails and helps automate corresponding actions. 

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CTK Email Parser helps thousands of businesses across different industries to automate and streamline their business operation. Check out our latest reviews and see what our customers have to say. 

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