Boost Your Email Processing Efficiency:

Improve the quality of your data and customer service with CTK Email Parser. With the power of automation, it effortlessly extracts specific emails and data, enabling businesses to streamline their operations.
This app works as an invaluable asset for businesses seeking operational optimization.

Automated Email Parsing


CTK Email Parser automatically scans and extracts data from incoming emails, reducing the need for manual data entry while streamlining your workflow.

Data Accuracy


With our email parser, you can be sure that all data is extracted accurately, eliminating the need for time-consuming manual checks while reducing the risk of errors.

Salesforce Integrated


Combined with Salesforce automation capabilities, makes it easy to manage your customer data and keep your records up to date.

Reliable and Secure


CTK Email Parser is a secure and configurable tool for email parsing that saves on operational costs while improving productivity, accuracy, & process efficiency.

Different Parsing Techniques


This app helps you parse fields from incoming emails using various parsing techniques (text-based, position-based, REGEX, XPATH, etc.).

Customizable Rules


CTK Email Parser allows you to set up custom rules to extract specific data fields from emails, providing you full control over the email automation process.

Multiple Data Formats


Our app can parse data from a variety of sources, including email bodies, attachments, and metadata, providing you with a complete view of your incoming data.



CTK Email Parser is built natively on the Salesforce platform, which means it provides a fully native experience. This ensures maximized efficiency and usability.

No Code


You can build rules and automation without a point-and-click approach. Get the most out of CTK Email Parser without the need for extensive coding experience.

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The Benefit of using CTK Email Parser

Streamline your email management workflow with CTK Email Parser. By leveraging the power of an email parser, managing increased workloads becomes easier, as emails are extracted automatically and seamlessly integrated into your CRM.
This enables businesses to focus on their core capabilities while benefiting from real-time information consolidation.

Automate your Business

With CTK Email Parser, you can automate everyday tasks efficiently and effectively, freeing up valuable human resources to focus on more strategic tasks.

Easy to Use

Its UI-Based configuration editors allow ease of use and a low learning curve. You can get your rules up and running in as little as 5 minutes. 


Managing Workload 

With the flexibility offered by CTK Email Parser's configurable rules, you can precisely target emails relevant to your specific offers and promotions.


Improved Processing Speed

With our app running in the background, you and your employees can focus on other tasks while your emails are automatically parsed and processed

Cost Saving 

Get the tangible benefits of improved cost-effectiveness and improved productivity by leveraging the advanced capabilities of CTK Email Parser. 

Close the Gap

Leverage the power of CTK Email Parser to empower your admins and developers to effortlessly set up rules for the automated email reading.  

Advanced features

Easy and Powerful solution for parsing your inbox. It comes with the necessary features, top-quality service, and excellent support.


Setup Rules

Get your rules up and running in as less as 5 minutes.


Secure and Trusted

Adheres to Salesforce security guidelines and data never leaves your Salesforce.


No Code

Build rules and automation without a point-and-click approach.


Instantly send Data

Effortlessly transfer your parsed data to your Salesforce CRM, ensuring real-time accessibility.

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