CTK Email Parser is a powerful salesforce native app designed to automate email processing within Salesforce. It allows you to extract data from emails and use it for automation to reduce manual data entry and improving productivity.
CTK Email Parser is built natively on Salesforce, providing seamless integration. It leverages Salesforce automation capabilities, allowing you to manage customer data and update records directly within Salesforce.
CTK Email Parser can extract various types of data, including order details, customer information (email, phone, address), booking details, financial data (account balances, transactions), and metadata (timestamp, sender/receiver details). Basically, general data value (text, number, currency, date) can be extracted, based on rules configuration.
Yes, customizable rules are the key building blocks of CTK Email parser application. You can define specific criteria and conditions to extract the desired data fields from incoming emails, giving you full control over the email automation process.
Data accuracy and precision heavily depends on parsing rule configuration. Users can test their parsing rules in real-time within the rule editor screen, which allows users to confirm accuracy of data extraction. Also, for each incoming email, appropriate logs are generated to view parsed data, to further help identify any anomalies.
Using CTK Email Parser offers several benefits, including time and cost savings, improved data accuracy, streamlined workflow, increased productivity, and reduced reliance on manual data entry.
Yes, CTK Email Parser is designed to handle high email volumes efficiently. It utilizes Salesforce platform capabilities to execute multiple jobs in parallel, to be able to handle large work loads.
Yes, CTK Email Parser prioritizes data security. CTK email parser has undergone extensive salesforce security audit. Your org's data never leaves your org and adheres to salesforce best security practices.
Yes, CTK Email Parser offers fast and reliable customer support via email and web channels. Their support team is available to assist with any inquiries or issues you may encounter.
Yes, CTK Email Parser offers a free trial. You can sign up for the trial to experience its features and benefits firsthand before making a purchasing decision.
No, current version of CTK email parser supports only attachments (exists or not) and attachment names to be used for creating rules or extracting information.
Setting up CTK Email Parser is quick and easy. With its user-friendly UI-based configuration editors and guided setup, you can get started and configure your rules in as little as five minutes.
CTK Email Parser is a versatile solution that can benefit businesses across various industries, including real estate, finance, retail, healthcare & lifesciences to name a few.
No, CTK Email parser does not have any integration capabilities. The design idea is to leverage CTK Email parser to parse key details from incoming email and utilize salesforce platform capabilities to handle rest of automation path, which includes integration with external systems.
Yes, CTK Email Parser supports parsing based on regular expressions (regex). You can leverage the power of regex patterns to extract complex data structures from emails and attachments.
No, CTK Email Parser does not impose a limit on the number of parsing rules you can create. You can set up as many rules as required to extract the desired data fields from your emails. However, actions per rule are limited to 40 (to work within Salesforce platform governor limits). Please reach out to our support team, in case you are hitting this limit and need support.
Yes, CTK Email Parser can help you store extracted data in salesforce objects (standard or custom). You can integrate salesforce with desired external systems to export this data.
Yes, CTK Email Parser provides reporting and analytics features that allow you to gain insights into your email processing activities. You can track parsing statistics, analyze trends, and make data-driven decisions.
No, CTK Email Parser is designed to be user-friendly and does not require any coding or extensive training. Its intuitive interface and guided setup make it accessible to users with varying technical backgrounds.
Yes, CTK Email Parser is designed to handle various email formats, including HTML, plain text, and multipart emails. It also supports parsing emails in multiple languages.
Absolutely! CTK Email Parser current capabilities, customers to forward their emails from their email service providers to salesforce (part of app configuration). With this model, customers can use any email service provider (including Gmail and Office 365) which allows you to forward your emails to a salesforce defined email address.
Yes, CTK Email Parser allows you to define parsing rules based on specific criteria, keywords, or patterns. You can instruct the app to extract data based on your unique business requirements.
Yes, CTK Email Parser provides comprehensive logging and monitoring capabilities. You can track parsing activity, view logs, and troubleshoot any issues that may arise during the email processing.

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