Create Field Parser of type FIXED

Use PATH type field parser to extract value from XML (or HTML) content or email’s HTML content.

For example, use this when need to extract value from table within email body

Steps to create Field Parser of type FIXED:

  • Click on ‘New‘ to create a new Field Parser.
  • Then Select Output Type as ‘Text’ and enter the ‘Reference Name’ as ‘Name and then select Type as ‘Fixed’.
  • Afterwards select Source as ‘Text Body’ and click on ‘Save’ button.
  • Click on the created Field Parser to open the record layout.
  • Click on the ‘Build’ button on the top right corner.
  • Afterwards Fill the text in the Value field as Payment.
  • Write a sample email in the Text Area and click on ‘Test‘ to check the functionality.
    • Note: Parser always returns the same value as specified within Value field (that is, always responds with given fixed value).
  • Click on ‘Save‘.
Fiexd type field parser extract payment word