Viewing Email Parser Logs

Any customer as well as user should have to send a mail via Outlook or any other domain to Inbound Mail Id of a salesforce.

Steps to follow:

  1. Login from your Email Account.
  2. Compose an email.
  3. Use Inbound mail id in receiver section (‘TO’).
  4. Write a subject as well as body of a mail.
  5. Send the mail.
  6. Go back to the Salesforce and in CTK email parser, click on ‘Email Parser Job’.

In the email parser job, we can get the incoming email details through attached logs with having all the met criteria regarding Email Filter, Field Parser and Email Parser Action. All the information which is gathered in logs are available at Email Parser job’s ‘Related’ Tab.

Whenever user clicks on ‘Email Parser Log’ so, user can see the below log file and check the entire email parser execution.

In ‘Details’ tab we can see all the information related to incoming emails like Message ID, Sender Details, Subject etc. It has a replay checkbox functionality to re-run the job for the corresponding parser record.