Create field parser of type FULLVALUE

Field Parser for FULL VALUE:

Use FULLVALUE type field parser to extract full value of configured Email attribute

Let’s move on to the Field Parsers section.

  • Click on ‘New‘ to create a new Field Parser.
  • Then Select Output Type as ‘Text’ and enter the ‘Reference Name’ as ‘Name and then select Type as ‘Full Value’.
  • Afterwards select Source as ‘From Name’ and click on ‘Save’ button.
  • Click on the created Field Parser to open the record layout.
  • Click on the ‘Build’ button on the top right corner and select Type as ‘Full Value’ then user selects Source as a ‘From Name’.
  • Choose the correct option from the ‘Multiple Results Configurations‘ and select its value as ‘First’.
  • Write a sample text in the Text Area and click on ‘Test‘ to check the functionality.
  • Click on ‘Save‘.