Installation & Configuration

1. Install CTK Email Parser package from the Salesforce AppExchange,

2. Create an Email Service: 

  • Go to Setup (After the package installation user move towards the “set up” option which is in the Gear icon). 
  • In search (within setup) textbox, enter Email Service 
  • Click on Email Services within setup items filtered list. 
ctk email parser training
  • Click on New Email Service button. 
  • Enter name as desired (for example, Automated email bot) 
  • Click on lookup button next to Apex Class and select class named ParserInboundEmailHandler.
  • Ensure Active checkbox is checked.
  • Optionally configure other failure response settings, as per need (If user wants to route an error email to the mail address, select the ‘Enable Error Routing’ checkbox & enter the email id in ‘Route Error Email to This Email Address’.)
    • Ensure Context User is selected as an admin user having CRU (Create, Retrieve, Update) access to all CTK Email parser object/fields and any other object/fields used in email parser actions.
  • Optionally configure additional settings, as per need
  • Click Save
    • Note: On completion of this step salesforce automatically generates a unique email address, to be used for sending emails to salesforce.
  • Setup forwarding rule in external facing mailbox (within Email Service, provide domain in ‘Accept Email From’ to get emails from respected domain names. For example,, etc.)
    • Ensure required business emails are forwarded/redirected to the email service address generated in previous step (Created within step named Create Email Service address)
  • Click Save

3. Create Email Service Address

  • Within the Email Service record created in previous step, click on New Email Address button within Email Addresses related list.
  • Enter desired name (for example, Sales)
  • Ensure Active checkbox is checked.