Configure Forwarding from Gmail

Gmail verifies that the user has access to each email address being added as forwarding address. As part of this step, anytime a new forwarding address is added to Gmail, it sends a code to the new forwarding address. User is expected to extract code from the email (sent by google) and enter that within verification code box (within Gmail settings). To address this, following tips can be used:

Before starting with these steps, ensure the email address created for the email Service, does not having any value within Accept email from textbox. This is to ensure that gmail verification service is able to send email to this address. Required addresses can be added, post email address verification

  1. Create a test email parser
  2. (Skip creation of email filtes)
  3. Create new field parser of type text (Note: this is being created to capture incoming email text)
    • Type = Text
    • Reference name = emailbody Source = TextBody
    • Click Save button (to create new field parser)
  4. Open newly created field parser and click on Editor button. Withtin field parser editor popup enter following details:
    • Range Start = Position
    • Start position line = 1
    • Start position character No = 0
    • Range End = Position
    • End position line = 100
    • End position character No = 100
    • Multiple Results Handler = First
    • Click Save button
    • Close field parser editor popup window
  5. Ensure Test email parser (created in step 1 above) has Active as checked. If not, edit and set it to checked
  6. Switch to gmail and add forwarding address (forwarding address should be the email address generated by Salesforce, related to the email servivce created for CTK Email Parser)
  7. Once gmail shows message stating that verification code email has been sent, switch to Salesforce
  8. Access CTK Email Parser app and access Email Parser Jobs tab (hit refresh if you are already on that tab)
  9. You should see a newly created Email Parser Job record. Open that record and switch to related list
  10. Within related list of email Parser job, you should see an attachment (Named email Parser log). Open this attachment
  11. Attachment file should contain entire email from gmail (including the verification code)
  12. Copy verification code from above step and complete steps within Gmail settings to verify forwarding address

Field Parser to extract Full value of a source.

For example, if you want to capture email address of sender (from email address of email),
then you can set the field Parser

  • Type: Text
  • Source: From
  • Range Start: Position
  • Start Position Line: 1
  • Start Position Character No : 0
  • Range End: Position
  • End Position Line: 1
  • End Position Character No : 300